Unconventional Tokyo: welcome to Zakuro!

My evening at Zakuro was my first night out after my arrival in Japan. It was a friend’s friend who had made the reservation and I had no idea where I was led to. Now looking back fondly on that night I realise that it had set the tone for my all year in Tokyo: unexpected.

Located nearby Nippori station, Zakuro is, as a matter of fact, an Iran/Turkish/Uzbek restaurant. we were greated by the owner at the entrance who, to my surprise, asked us to take off our shoes, quite the sport in between the overburdened stalls and shelves full of drinks, dry fruits and hand-crafted lamps. The inside is yet another surprise: no tables but planks on a ground covered with carpets, walls full of traditional mosaics and dozens of muticolored lamps and dolls hanging between cloth on the ceiling, we had stepped into Ali Baba’s Cave.


But Zakuro is not only about its decorum, it is also about the show our host had prepared for the crowd. The meal really began when he started to shout jokes to his guests, call them out and some space was made at the center of the room. That night, As for myself and my friends, we were shown an iraninan dance. But that’s putting it midly! We were indeed dragged on after the next to the dance floor to share a few steps with the dancer. Some of us were even given skirst and scarfs and all of that in a friendly atmosphere of laughts and clapping.

And what about the food? Seated on our cushions we took the 2000 yen dinner course with the best kebab I ever had and several other delicious traditional dishes.

05I advise you to make a reservation, the place is quite popular.



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