Access to Hiroshima

Reach Hiroshima

Hiroshima Airport

Located outside the city, it takes about 1 hour depending on the traffic by Limousine Bus (one way 1340 ¥ [1]) to reach the city. You’ll have to drop off at the Hiroshima Bus Centre conveniently located at the heart of the city.

Night Buses

If leaving from Tokyo at 10pm, you’ll reach Hiroshima at around 8:30am. Depending on the bus and the location of your place to stay you can either get off at the Hiroshima Station (in northern part of the city centre) or at the Bus Centre.


The bullet train is probably the simplest way to reach Hiroshima: no luggage or early check in, comfortable but it takes 5 hours to come from Tokyo. It is also the most expensive unless you are a JR Pass holder /!\ some Shinkansen (usually express) are not included in the pass /!\. The Shinkansen will drop you off at Hiroshima station north of the city centre.

– Learn more: From Tokyo to Hiroshima

Get around in Hiroshima

Walking is the best way to enjoy the city since it takes about 40 mins to go from one end of the city centre to the other. Which gives you all the time to wander around the small streets of Hiroshima.



The Hiroden is a tram going through the main routes of the city. There are different passes for 1 or 3 days which include tram, bus lines and even ferry (useful if you intend to go to Miyajima). These passes can be bought at Hiroshima station, Hiroshima Airport or Hiroshima Bus Centre, prices comprised between 600¥ to 3000¥ [2]. /!\ NONE of these passes include JR lines /!\

dsc_0793If you feel you want more spontaneity in your trip here’s how to
proceed: no ticket needed just hop in and pay when you get off. Table Fare are in display at every station and in the trains. You can also ask the driver’s help for information and change.   (him –>)

And if you’re shy there are also electrical boards (but only in the most modern cars) that give you automatically the price of your ride according to its length and the station you have gotten in, with right next to it a machine to make your change.


JR network

Faster than the Hiroden (thus more expensive [3]), JR lines cover (as always) the main touristic spots in and outside the city centre and are included in the JR Pass. Note that if you intend to spend your evening at Miyajima only the JR ferry is still running after 8pm and until 10pm [4].

Stay in Hiroshima


Located south of the citycentre, J-Hoppers is only 5 minutes away from the Peace Memorial Park and 20 minutes from the Bus Centre. The staff is welcoming and happy to answer any questions, the hostel is secure with a locked room to leave your luggage before check-in and after check-out and have many information on Hiroshima, on the tides and weather. Facilities are modern, the tatami rooms/dormitories are clean and come with a key.

Check-in: 3pm to 10pmtested-and-approuved

Check-out: 8am to 11am

Price: 2,500¥ per night for dormitories 3,000/3,500¥ per night for a room. [5]










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