Asakusa – Fishing in Family


Asakusa, Tokyo, August 2016

Happy New Year Everyone!!

I haven’t posted any article for a while, I am sorry. But I will not forsaken this blog this year. On the contrary!! I am actually putting something huge into place!! Since it takes me so long to write something down and since I’m never fully happy with the result I will use a new way to express everything I want to talk about with you.

I’m not gonna give you anymore detail before everything is ready which I hope will be very soon and also because I want to keep it a surprise haha!

Seen you soon!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. japankudasai says:

    A surprise ??? I’ll wait but I’m impatient to read your next post ^^ !


    1. Baristatorii says:

      Yes!! In all my years of blogging it will be a first time for me haha! Hope you’ll enjoy it and that it is worth of your wait 😉


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